East West Players strives to provide increased opportunities for Asian Pacific American artists on stage and in other media. As part of its ongoing commitment to developing the next generation of talent, East West Players offers several professional development programs for artists of all ages and backgrounds.




Acting Session III

July 6th – August 30th, 2020

With Dom Magwili

A culmination of the first two sessions in that not only are the fundamentals of acting introduced, but the scene/monologue work expands to consider the circumstances of a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. In this time of pandemic and social distancing we will be using Zoom as the platform to produce a play using monitors and cell phones, using comedy and drama.


Writing A TV Pilot Master Class

July 8th – Sept. 9th, 2020

With Teresa Huang

This class is intended for new to intermediate Asian-American, Los Angeles-based writers who are interested in writing a half-hour or hour-long original television pilot script.  Students learn the fundamentals of developing a series concept with a strong story engine, create a world with a specific tone and compelling characters, the basics of pilot story structure, and begin writing their original pilot script.


The Voice of Your Own Sound

July 18th – August 22nd, 2020

With Karen Huie

A six week course in voice-over acting with Karen Huie. Actors are trained to play and casting is by type. Voice work removes some of the crayon lines.  Open your coloring book and free yourself to play. Explore it. Got a laptop, phone with voice memo, mic, closet, comforter, pencil and copy? Set up a make shift place for you to record. Pick the kind of voice over you want to start with, rehearse, romp and record it as homework. We’ll listen and go from, “I did it” to “Wow, that’s me?!”


The East West Players Actor’s Conservatory Program offers a comprehensive theatre arts curriculum for those who are honing their craft as professional actors as well as those seeking to develop their personal expression.

Named after Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang (FOB, The Dance and the Railroad, M. Butterfly), the David Henry Hwang Writers Institute is the most active Asian Pacific American playwright development program in the country. Offering a series of writing classes designed to foster new work for the stage, the Institute is a nationally recognized force in the creation of plays that embrace the voice of multi-ethnic America and especially the Asian Pacific American experience.



East West Players provides a limited number of scholarships for both Actor’s Conservatory and the David Henry Hwang Writer’s Institute. For more information about the application process, please contact Art Education and Professional Enrichment Programs Manager Jade Cagalawan at jcagalawan@eastwestplayers.org or call (213) 625-7000.