NMI redPress Release via New Musicals Inc.

East West Players and New Musicals Inc. are partnering again to create a new musical, and are accepting submissions from Asian-American musical theatre writers to be considered for the project. We partnered a decade ago to create the hit musical, Imelda, and now we’re coming together in time for East West Players’ 50th anniversary.

“We’re looking to work together to create an important, powerful piece of theater about the Asian-American experience,” says Snehal Desai, EWP’s Associate Artistic Director. “The show itself could be large or small, funny or dramatic, realistic or abstract, cutting-edge or traditional, but we’re hoping that it’s contemporary in its message and innovative in its storytelling. So whether you are working on the next Hamilton, Allegiance, or Here Lies Love, we want to hear from you.”

New Musicals Inc. is hoping to find several teams or projects in the early stages, nurturing several works over the next year or two through workshops and concert presentations before potentially selecting one for production.

Writers who are interested in submitting may choose to submit excerpts from existing musicals, either finished or still in progress, or they may submit samples from their work along with an idea for something brand-new. “Works which are very early in the process actually have an advantage right now,” says Elise Dewsberry, New Musicals Inc.’s Artistic Director. “Even if the new work is just a single paragraph and nothing more, we would consider it. This is an opportunity for our organizations to work together and create something special.”

March 7, 2016: Submissions Open
April 8, 2016: Final Deadline for Submissions
April 20, 2016: East West Players Musical Theatre Initiative Winners Announced

Submission material: Writers will be asked to submit a short biography from all team members. Writers are encouraged to submit up to three selections, either from a single work, or separate works, for a total of a maximum of 20 minutes of material. Any one of these “selections” could instead be an idea or treatment – but each team should submit at least one sample of the kind of work the team has done in the past. All submissions will be electronic: script/score submissions will be accepted in PDF format; demo/sound files will be accepted in MP3 format; and we will also accept links to YouTube or Vimeo video files. The NMI staff will review all submissions and select the winning entries to move forward.



NOTE: In order to make a submission, you will be asked to login to your NMI account, or to create one.

(Imelda, photo by Michael Lamont.)