East West Players, the longest running theater of color in the US, is seeking actors to play Asian, mixed race, and diverse ethnicities for Kentucky by Leah Nanako Winkler.

Hiro is self-made, single, and almost making it in NYC when her born-again baby sister decides to marry a man she hardly knows. Hiro resolves to stop the wedding by returning to Kentucky and the past she put behind her. Will she save her sister and escape back to Manhattan? Will years of therapy unravel in one weekend back home? Identity, religion, and love collide in this rollicking coming-of-age story.

Directed by Deena Selenow.

Rehearsals begin October 11, 2016.
Previews begin November 10, 2016.
Opening Wednesday November 16 for a four week run (5 performances a week) through December 11, 2016.

AEA SPT Cat. 5 Contract ($393 per week plus benefits). Also seeking non-union performers ($150 honoraria per week plus EMC credit).

Please note: Below gender descriptions describe the characters. We encourage performers to audition for the role(s) that best align with their identity. Casting is open to performers of all races, ethnicities, transgender, cisgender and gender non-conforming performers.

Character Breakdown

Hiro: late 20s, to play Female, mixed race Japanese.
Means well. Smart and driven. Makes sixty thousand dollars a year. Powerful, vulnerable, insanely charismatic and likable, deeply flawed. Lacks self-awareness in a way that she can only see what is in front of her with a blinding sense of self confidence. Again, means well.

Sophie: early 20s, to play Female, mixed race Japanese.
Hiro’s sister. A born-again Christian. She is elegant, smart, charming, funny, and Jesus is genuinely the best thing that has ever happened to her. Impossible not to love.

James: 50s to 60s, to play Male, White.
Hiro and Sophie’s father. Funny at times and scary at others. Mean, sad, drunk, and high. Loves his family deeply, but has no idea how to show it.

Masako: 50s to 60s, to play Female, Japanese.
Hiro and Sophie’s mother and wife to James. Her spirit is bright, though there is a deep sadness and horrifying anger within her that comes out when triggered.

Da’Ran: mid 20s, to play Male, African American or Mixed Race.
Sophie’s fiancé. Kind, adorable, genuine and strong. Sweet and charismatic, he is the guy every parent wants their child to marry.

Pastor Ernest: 50s-60s, to play Male, African American, Latino, Middle Eastern, White, or Mixed Race. “Incredible Singers” a plus!
Da’Ran’s father. Rational. Charming. Unbelievably charismatic, giving, and cool. A Pastor with a deep understanding of humanity and God. Incredible gospel singer.

Adam / Larry: late 20s-mid 30s, to play Male, Any and All Races/Ethnicities
– as Adam: late 20s. Handsome, sweet and adoring. Really wants to settle down. Goodnatured jock who peaked in high school.
– as Larry: 30s. Hiro’s therapist in New York City. Friendly and approachable butdirect. Has a sense of humor.

Laura / Bridesmaid 1 / Grandma: late 20s, to play Female, Any and all Races/Ethnicities. “Incredible Singers” a plus!
– as Laura: Hiro’s childhood friend. Party girl with a vulnerable side. Funny with an
edge. Never left Kentucky.
– as Bridesmaid 1: Christian Bridesmaid who can sing and dance. With Bridesmaid 2,
functions as a sort of “Kentucky Greek Chorus.”
– as Grandma: A messed up grandma. The mother of James.

Nicole (or Cole*) / Bridesmaid 2 / Sylvie: late 20s, to play Female, Male* or Gender Non-Conforming*, Any and All Races/Ethnicities. “Incredible Singers” a plus!
– as Nicole (or Cole*): Hiro’s childhood friend. Genuine and giving. A little shy, a little
quiet, very sweet and well-intentioned. Always calls back, always texts back. Never left
– as Bridesmaid 2: Christian Bridesmaid who can sing and dance. With Bridesmaid 1,
functions as a sort of “Kentucky Greek Chorus.”
– as Sylvie: an old, sickly cat.

Submissions for Appointment
Auditions will be accepted through July 28th, 2016
EPA Open Calls for Union and Non Union Performers: Monday, August 1, 2016, 12PM-4PM
Scheduled Appointment Auditions: Mon, Aug 1, 2016, 5-8PM/ Tues, Aug 2, 2016, 10a=AM-6PM
Callbacks (Appointment Only): Sat, Aug 6, 2016, 11AM-6PM

Preparation – Please prepare a brief monologue that best showcases who you are as a person and performer, and that you can handle dark comedy with nuance and heart. In addition, please prepare 16 bars of either “Old Kentucky Home” by Stephen Foster or the gospel hymn “Bind Us Together Lord.” “Incredible Singers” a plus!

Agent and Personal submissions may be made through Actors Access and Breakdown Services.
Electronic submissions, please send Headshot and Resume to casting@eastwestplayers.org
– Please list desired role to be considered for in the Email Subject Line
– Please change file name of PDF or Digital Images to YOUR LAST NAME

Or send via postal mail your recent photo, resume, and role to be considered for:
Casting: KENTUCKY –

[Name Desired Role] East West Players
120 Judge John Aiso Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012