Reuben Uy as DA

Reuben Uy as DA

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you relate to the character you portray in Beijing Spring.
Da means “Big” in Chinese. I am by no means a person of large stature, and so I relate more to the size of his heart. Da gives his all to the movement, and is ready to step up in any way that can help. He is an intellectual, but can summon enormous emotional and physical strength for his friends, his family and for his country.

How did you first get involved with East West Players? If this is your first time, what did you know about EWP prior?

All I knew back then was that John Cho, Daniel Dae Kim and Reggie Lee all came from East West Players. Then, I was cast in a staged reading earlier this year with the American Academy of New Musical Theatre. We read Pineapple Story, a play about the 442nd, written by Sachi Oyama, who wrote Imelda for EWP, and directed by John Sparks. I was working with two fantastic actors who have worked with EWP as well, Shaun Shimoda and Paul Wong. Paul played the role of the Father in the 1999 production. They both encouraged me to audition for East West Players, so as soon as I got wind of the auditions for Beijing Spring, I jumped at the chance.

What would we find you doing on the set of Beijing Spring?
Generally being intensely involved in the planning of the protests, intensely dancing through the protest, and intensely singing the protest.

Being that Beijing Spring is a musical, can you share your favorite musical?
My favorite musicals are Into The Woods, and Sunday in the Park with George. You want to see me shed a bucket of tears? Those are the musicals to do it.

Do you have a fun fact(s) about yourself you’d like to share?
I am a Whovian. My dream is to become a companion in Doctor Who.

How can fans stay updated about your projects?
Twitter: @reubenuy
nstagram: @reubenuy

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